About Us - Expressive Arts Workshops

Our Approach

The philosophy of Art City is to work with the each individual exactly where they are at and what it is that they need from the arts. We focus on the process of engaging one in the arts through an intermodal experience. This means using the arts in the variety of disciplines – visual arts, music, dance and theatre, in addition to using this arts as a mindful practice for grounding. The intermodal work allows one to be in the process and in the place of imagination, while creating, expressing, and making new discoveries and awareness. The final product is always a masterpiece, one of beauty but more importance, one that tells a story.

Our Story

Leetal entered the arts first as a fine artist but soon discovered that the power of art has far more levels. From dance, music, theatre, poetry and mindful work, Leetal fell involve with the language of the arts to both heal, discover and create. She uses the arts to teach skill and technique, in addition to a mindful practice through a therapeutic lens.

Leetal Benzvi

Madala Sand Art 

Del Mar, San Diego