Do I need to have art experience to do expressive arts?

There is no need to have any experience in art. The work is low skill high sensitivity work, this means anyone can work in the arts and the focus is on sensitivity to the materials. We believe that the final product is your own master piece and this is what we can true beauty. We believe that every human being has the ability to create if it is through visual arts, dance, play, poetry or music.


What if I want to learn high skill art and still be expressive?

We welcome skill and naturally you will learn technique. The goal is not to judge you or to only focus on the end result. We believe that when you trust the process and learn new techniques, you will naturally gain new skill and allow for authentic expression.


What if I am not interested in other disciplines but only one specific one?

We always meet you where you art at. That means you are the one in control and we are not here to instruct you. There are offerings and we encourage you to choose. You are the expert of your life and we are here to simply walk with you, hand in hand.


How is expressive arts different than “talk therapy?”

Talk therapy simply uses talking to solve problems. As expressive art therapist, we don’t believe in focusing on the problem. On the contrary, we decenter or move away from the problem and enter the arts to see what the art has to say. Many times the “problem” is actually a different issue and new discoveries arise. In addition, when one is engaged in the arts, it is easier to see the true core of what one is feeling or suffering from.