Our Approach

Art Sense is a method that was created from expressive art therapy. The method is simple: approaching the arts through the use of all the senses as a tool for communication and healing. 

The transitional work allows one to be in the process and in the place of imagination, while creating, expressing, making new discoveries and inviting awareness. The final product is an aesthetic masterpiece, one of authentic beauty, but more importance, one that tells a story.

Leetal’s Story

Leetal discovered the language of the arts to both heal, express and create. She sees the arts as a strong tool to work with individuals through a therapeutic lens as well as a mindful practice. Leetal received her Masters degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School in Switzerland. She has since worked with homeless youth shelters, schools, correctional facilities, mental hospitals, retirement homes, third culture kids, large corporations, non profit organizations, woman circles, PTSD, special needs foundations, private clients and more.